Lake Washington High School


In High School I kind of kicked off my interest in web development with an Adobe Flash class, which was actually a cool technology at the time. I did some e-Commerce marketing stuff in the DECA program as well.

Flash: basic web design concepts, animation keyframing, that sort of thing e-Com Marketing: learned how to fill out a job application without making a grammatical error

University of Washington


I was a European Studies major at UW, so my web dev EXP in college consisted of adding the HTML for a Top 16 to my MySpace account. The concepts were valuable, and so was my minor: French.

European Studies: learned about organizational super-structures, inheriting properties (laws) French: language-learning techniques ended up being pretty useful later on

GoSkateShop, Super-Fit, JHSurgery


Worked for a guy that had a thing for starting e-Commerce stores. I ran everything for all of them, from answering customer service phone calls to helping with two site re-designs.

GoSkateShop: hands-on work with Flash, Adobe Creative Suite, e-Commerce management, and lots of customer service Super-Fit: first work with HTML and CSS, and minor development work WordPress



Started as a customer service rep. Worked hard, moved into web design and UX, into product management, and finally settled in Frontend Development. My journey has taken me through myriad product develpment disciplines, and helped me build the experience to be a powerful contributor.

Customer Service: refined that ever-important ability to explain technical subject matter to non-technical persons Design/Development: went from 4th-grade reading level to fluent in HTML/SCSS and can do work with JS as well Product Management: learned to build consensus, to adapt to uncertainty, and a lot about agile process Frontend Development: learned to work with old and new technologies and apply all my previous experience to build creative, awesome products

Outside Work

I am always on the lookout for something new and difficult to focus on. The things I am proudest of all follow that mold.

Snowboarding:In 2009 I moved to Jackson, WY just to snowboard. Inadvertently, the jobs that I had there laid the groundwork for pursuing web develoment. Halo Suit:I think armor costumes are cool. Like a true DIY enthusiast, I watched about 2 minutes of a YouTube video and figured
I could make one too. It went better than expected.
Web Develoment:The world of webdev is basically endless, and it can be self-taught. It may seem strange because web development is just work for so many people, but for me it's a fun world to explore. If you read all of that,It's probably time to look at my portfolio.


Give'r, an adventure equipment brand that focuses on a small group of flagship products.

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Amy Galbraith Photo
A photographer that captures simple, natural images. A beautiful portfolio and blog.
T&C Entertainment
An up-and-coming visual production house with a unique selection of services.

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Your Site
Work with me to create a site that captures your audience and positions you for success.



Color Map Generator

Finds any number of steps between any two colors

Sudoku Magician

Solve any existing sudoku or create a new one

Hover circle generator

Split circles by hovering. Put them back together before time runs out!

David Duffy


I'm David Duffy, a web designer
and developer.

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